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Building Wood Products


Sharp Plywood distributes a wide range of products to cabinet makers, joiners, shop fitters and many other clients. We keep our particleboard prices low, so you can be sure to find a product that suits your budget too.


Particleboard - Standard, HMR and Melamine Faced

Particleboards come in various sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 9mm to 33mm. Thanks to this varied range, cutting the particle boards is price efficient. Their fine and uniform surface makes them an ideal substrate for laminating, veneering and decorative foils. It is available in two grades, standard and MR (moisture resistant). Particleboard flooring and many other products can be easily worked with normal woodworking tools, because they have no grain direction, which means the same strength and appearance is being displayed in all directions. This reduces waste. The fine surface layers are also pre sanded, ready for painting or laminating.


White Particleboard

White particleboard has a melamine surfaces that is bonded to both sides. It is available in two grades, standard and MR (moisture resistant) substrates, making it ideal for cabinetry.


Particleboard Flooring (Structafloor)

Particleboard flooring provides an ideal sub floor for a range of coverings including vinyl, ceramic tiles, quarry, slate, parquet and carpet. Particleboard flooring is made using precision milled wood flakes that are bonded together using moisture resistant synthetic resin. To give it additional protection during construction, the upper surface of the particleboard flooring panels is enriched with resin and all edges are wax sealed, which also offers weather protection. However it is advisable to enclose the building as soon as possible after laying the floor. MSDS and installation manuals are available.


MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) - Standard, MR, E-Zero MR, Melamine Faced

Medium density fibreboards (MDF) are a versatile and easy-to-use panel product. This makes them ideal for use in all cabinet-making, shop fitting, furniture and building industries. MDF is extremely easy to machine. It cuts, drills and routs cleanly without splintering or chipping when compared to timber or other types of wood panel products. It has a sanded finish ideally suited for painting or can be overlayed with timber veneer and melamine. MDF is available as STD for general use and MR (moisture resistant) for use in high humidity areas. MSDS available.



This is one of the most versatile and easy to use medium density fibreboards available in Australia today. It is ideal for a number of interior applications in the cabinet making, shop fitting, furniture and building industries. CUSTOMwood's reliable quality guarantees uniformity in size, colour, density and strength. This product is ideal for applications where the project requires the sheet to be machined or painted. Free of knots and grain it is an ideal substrate for the application of natural timber veneers, vinyl, paper and heat transfer foils. The panels are manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine and are E0.

They are also available surfaced with a white melamine impregnated decorative paper, making it a versatile panel for interior use in furniture and joinery applications, particularly in cupboards, wardrobes and storage applications. Sheets are available in both single and double sided white. (Brochure available)

Call and order your CUSTOMwood today and discover our low particleboard prices.



PYNEboard particleboard flooring and other products are manufactured from renewable plantation pine and come in a range of thicknesses and sheet sizes. Their surface is fine and uniform, making these panels an ideal substrate for laminating or veneering. They are also great to be used for building panels, benches, shelves and partitions. (Brochures available)

Their surface layer is also pre-sanded, which means they are ready for painting and laminating. Available in two grades, standard and moisture resistant, this product is ideal for cabinetry. (MSDS available)

Available with a white decorative paper and two finishes - Velvet - a delicate eggshell surface & Decor - a lightly dimpled texture.

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