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Sharp Leto Bamboo

Bamboo is known as a giant grass and therefore doesn't require re-planting after harvesting because the root system stays in place and produces new growth with each season.  Because bamboo is known as a grass and not a tree, which takes longer to grow and mature, it doesn't come under the scrutiny of the FSC organisation. 

Did you know that bamboo harbours up to three times more carbon than a tree due to its re-growth ability!

Bamboo is bio-degradable, therefore the finish should be non-toxic.  The bamboo boards are like hardwood in sheet form which means your panel saw blade needs to be extreme sharp!  A CNC machine will need to be run at half rate and a beam saw will cut bamboo like butter.

Bamboo machines cleanly, sands beautifully and glues easily because it's so dense.


Leto Bamboo has a weight of 690kg per m3

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

CETEC Emission Testing using ASTM D5116 rated LETO bamboo products at <0.05 mg/m2/hr, and < 0.5 mg/m3 (VOC).
According to GBCA Office Design V2 & V3 IEQ -13 a rating passes at <0.5 mg/m2/hr (VOC) – LETO bamboo rates at 1/10th of this amount!
According to GBCA Office Interiors V1.1 IEQ-11 a rating passes at <0.5 mg/m3/hr (VOC). Please see the test results from Cetec Laboratory.

Formaldehyde Emissions

CETEC Emission Testing at February 2009 used Test Method EN717-2 to determine Formaldehyde release by the Gas Analysis Method rated LETO Bamboo at 0.11 mg/m2 /hr.

This falls into the category of E1. Please contact us for a copy of these test results.

Glue: non-toxic for formaldehyde release: formaldehyde emission attained E1 standard requirement.

Spread of Flame

Please see the test results from Exova Warringtonfire Aus Pty Ltd.


When specifying Sharp LETO Bamboo please include the following information:

Colour Natural or Carbonised
Sheet Size 2500 x 1220mm
Thickness 0.6mm
Texture / Style Narrow Grain or Wide Grain


Colour Range

Narrow Grain - Natural Colour

Narrow Grain - Carbonised Colour

Wide Grain - Natural Colour

Wide Grain - Carbonised Colour