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Sharp Plywood Manufacturing

Sharp Plywood has been manufacturing beautiful veneer panels for over 65 years. Our manufacturing plant is one of the most diverse and advance in Australia. Our staff boost over 30+ years experience and we guarantee you a successful professional outcome.


We manufacture:  

 Veneered Particleboard

 Veneered MDF & E-Zero MR MDF

 Veneered Plywood

 Veneer Laying (patterns, burls, crossgrain)

 X-Board Plus

 Stylelite Gloss Panels

 New Age & Enviroven Veneers

 Natural Timber Veneer Edging 0.6mm & 2mm

 Veneer Leaves & Sheets

 Fleeced Back Veneers

 Laminate – Plywood, Particleboard, MDF


 Lead Lined Ply


Our multiple pressing lines allow us to produce veneer panels in various sizes from 1800 x 900mm to 3000 x 1800mm and thicknesses from 1.5mm up to 70mm thick.

We also press Paperpack, HPL, and Foil onto panels to suit customer requirements.

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